Aminovit Plus


aminovit plus


Aminovit Plus is a type of water-soluble treatment for poultry. Each litre contains vitamin A 2,500,000iu, vitamin E 3750iu, vitamin B2 phosphate 1g, vitamin D3 500,000iu, vitamin B6 125mg, vitamin B12 5mg, biotin 2.5mg, dexpanthenol 300mg, betaine 400mg, lysine 5.5g, methionine 0.5g, cystine 0.1g, threonine 2.8g, tryptophan 1.0g, leucine 5g, isoleucine 3.3g, valine 3.5g, phenylalanine 2.7g, histidine 1.4g, arginine 1.5g, aspartic acid 6.3g, serine 2.8g, glutamic acid 8.8g, glycine 3.1g, alanine 4.6g, tyrosine 2.3g, proline 3.2g, calcium 0.1g, phosphorus 1.9g, sodium 342mg, magne- sium 218mg, potassium 2.4mg, copper 0.1mg, zinc 6.1mg, iron 8mg, manganese 1.3mg and peptides 5g.

 Packaging size: 1L

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